Our Objectives

  1. To control tobacco and smoking through public awareness program.
  2. To disseminate awareness about sign, symptoms and preventive measures of cancer in different parts of the country.
  3. To give priorities over the early detection of cancer.
  4. To conduct free health camps in different parts of the country to detect cancer.
  5. To avoid misconception about cancer through public awareness program.
  6. To initiate provide free medical facilities to the cancer patients.
  7. To bridge between civil society and cancer patients to minimize their pathos and suffering.
  8. To establish palliative care centers.
  9. To coordinate with other organizations to provide maximum help to the cancer patients.
  10. To seek job opportunities to the family members of cancer patients.
  11. To provide job-oriented training to the family members.
  12. To make the cancer patients feel that they aren’t alone to fight against it.
  13. To provide emotional and psychological support to the cancer patients and their family members.
  14. To make international organizations help cancer patients in Nepal.
  15. To coordinate with different governmental organizations to provide maximum help to cancer patients.
  16. To conduct fund raising programs in local, national and international levels to assist cancer patients
  17. To change the attitude of people towards cancer patients.
  18. To enhance will-power of cancer patients to cope with disease.
  19. To encourage cancer specialists from abroad to provide volunteer service in Nepal.