About us

Cancer Council Nepal is a non-profitable, non-governmental and national wide social organization established in 2009 by the family members of Cancer Patients with the view of “Total Management of Cancer” ranging from spreading awareness about cancer disease in different parts of the country to providing palliative care to the patients. In the context of Nepal, smoking is one of the major causes of cancer, heart disease, asthma and so on. Annually 20-25 thousand people lost their lives due to cancer. Even some of the cancer patients die without detecting the disease.

Still people have misconception regarding the cancer disease in Nepal. Even some of people don’t know that cancer can be treated at the early stage. Many people lost their lives due to minor and curable disease. The government even cannot provide basic medical facilities to its general population. Some of cancer patients go to the hospital when the disease reaches in its advance stage. Due to lack of basic information about cancer disease, many people lost their lives untimely. Even family members and relatives take cancer patients as a burden of family and society.

The Cancer Council Nepal gives priorities over the prevention of the disease through mass awareness program. In the context of Nepal, smoking is the leading cause of many diseases. 80% of cancer is caused by smoking. It is sure that the burden of cancer can significantly be reduced if we control smoking and consumption of tobacco. It has been disseminating awareness programs at school, collage, and different communities. We have made people aware to take preventive measures of cancer through awareness programs and mass media. We have urged Nepal police to implement anti-tobacco law effectively. We have disseminated awareness program about sign, symptoms and preventive measures of the disease in different parts of the country.

Most of the hospitals in Nepal are located at city areas. People should go to city areas to get medical facilities. In the remote parts of the country, people are illiterate. They fear that cancer means to death. Psychological feeling makes them more vulnerable than the disease itself. They cannot get basic medical facilities. For them, detecting cancer disease at the early stage and getting treatment of the disease is beyond imagination. In order to provide service to these people, we have given priorities over the early detection of the disease as a campaign. We have been conducting free health camps in remote parts of the country to detect cancer at the early stage. It is sure that number of death from cancer disease can considerably be reduced if it is detected at the early stage.

Cancer Council Nepal aims at providing medical facilities to cancer patients. It has taken an initiative urging government to grant the provision of free medical facilities to the cancer patients. It has been urging the developed countries to assist developing countries like Nepal to control cancer and share the burden. Since cancer is a global issue, Nepal alone cannot solve such problem. We would like to request civil society, business houses and international organization to extend their helping hands to control cancer in Nepal. We would like to make the cancer patients feel that they are not alone. Everyone has right to have the access of better medical service. We would like to request the international organization to provide us technological, financial and human support to control cancer and smoking related diseases in Nepal. It has requested the civil society and general people to reduce unnecessary expenses and extend their helping hand to cancer patients. Cancer Council Nepal is one of leading organizations which has been conducting programs in the grass-root levels. In its initiation, a great deal changes have been brought in the society. We have tirelessly been struggling to control cancer in Nepal. We have been sweating to provide world-class treatment in Nepal.

It also aims to provide palliative care to the terminally ill cancer patients. Everyone has right to survive comfortably at the last stage of life. Many cancer patients are suffering from unbearable pain at their last stage of life. We hope that palliative care surely lessen their pain. The pain killer surely gives them relief to survive comfortably until they breathe their last breath. It will also reduce the burden of the family members of the cancer patients. It aims to establish palliative care centers in the near future.

Finally, Cancer Council Nepal plans to provide job opportunities to the family members of the cancer patients. We plan to provide job-oriented training to the family members of cancer patients. We have been seeking many options to rehabilitate the family members of cancer patients in the society. The organization wants to provide emotional and psychological support family members and cancer patients in different ways.